On August 12, 2017 the students of the International Summer school “Modern Russian Language 2017” have visited the Kremlin territory and the Armory. It is the second visit to the heart of our capital for the children. The first pedestrian excursion was survey and acquainting. This time the students have got a chance to more closely acquaint with one of the most beautiful architectural complexes of the world.

Students admired the ancient buildings of the Kremlin reflecting the spiritual life of Russia and  listened to a fascinating excursion describing its value in the Russian history and culture.

The acquaintance with the Kremlin did not end on it. The employees of the MRSU international cooperation department have prepared a pleasant surprise for the children– an excursion to the Armory. The rich and unique exposition of the museum surprised and took children’s fancy with the beauty and luxury.

The Kremlin heritage the children touched could be compared with a peculiar history book. All excursions were held only in Russian that became for the foreign students invaluable practice in studying of Russian.