Our University offers to visit the Summer School of special pedagogy and psychology “Ways to good”, which will be held from the 10th to 22d of August 2020.  Participants of our school will have the opportunity to pass the theoretical and practical training module ” Special pedagogy and psychology as the basis of inclusive education in Russia»

The training module will be conducted by highly qualified and experienced teachers of the faculty of special pedagogy and psychology, with the participation of researchers of the “International scientific and practical laboratory for the support of children with disabilities”.

We also offer a fascinating cultural and educational program aimed at enriching the information received during the training module. It will help participants to immerse themselves in the pedagogical speech environment, spend time with colleagues, and visit institutions for children with disabilities.

We hope that this Summer School will interest many students-future special teachers (defectologists). To participate in the course, you must submit an application directly to Moscow Region State University.

List of documents required to submit an application:

  • short biography
  • a short letter of motivation (in Russian) justifying your desire to participate in the program and how this course can contribute to your learning. Students with an initial level of knowledge of Russian language can write a motivational letter in English or any other European language.
  • documents required for registration of the invitation.

You can get detailed advice from a specialist:

Svetlana V. Tonsheva

Head of the international department

Phone: +7 (495) 780-09-44 (ext. 1466)

E-mail: sv.tonsheva@mgou.ru

E-mail: international@mgou.ru