Summer is the most beautiful time of the year! It is the time of new acquaintances, interesting meetings and exciting travels. All this is possible for participants of our summer schools.

Summer school is a special program for international students that combines studies, excursions and trips out of town as well as interaction with Russian teachers and students.

For several years MRSU has been successfully implementing an international Summer school “Modern Russian Language” with students from all over the world – Great Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and others. During three weeks the students make a lot of friends from Russia and other countries.

Nowadays the University is creating a number of other summer schools:

  • “Linguistic Tourism”
  • “Ecotourism”
  • “Russian Culture in the Moscow Region”



The training course of the Summer School “Modern Russian Language”  is for those who have just began to study Russian as well as those who have already made some progress. The program includes Russian language classes and an interesting cultural program with sightseeing tours around Moscow and the Moscow region.


Russian language classes are accompanied by a rich excursion program providing an opportunity not only to improve one’s communicative skills, but also learn the enchanting history of Moscow and Moscow region, the unique nature of the Moscow area, the customs and traditions of the Russian people.


The educational program “Modern Russian Language” at “Summer School” helps develop the key language skills:

Communicative skills – ability to communicate in the Russian language and understand Russian speech

Sociolinguistic skills – adjusting to the social and cultural environment of Russian life and education, getting to know the basics of Russian culture including the speech norms.


Depending on the Russian language proficiency level, a “Summer School” graduate has an opportunity to continue studies at MRSU at the pre-university tutorial program, a training course of Russian as a foreign language and a specialization training course, test preparation program in Russian as a foreign language and specialization test preparation program.

For more information about participation in the summer schools you can contact Department of International Relations