Moscow Region State University is located in the capital of Russia – Moscow. Some campuses are located in Moscow Region in cities Mytishi, Korolev, Friazino and Noginsk. Two MRSU agrobiology stations are located in villages Akatovo and Lamishino.

MRSU offers foreign citizens a wide range of Short time coursesUndergraduate programs (4 or 5 years), Postgraduate (Master) programs (2 years) and Doctorate programs (3 years) at 3 institutes and 15 faculties.

Tuition fee for Undergraduate, Postgraduate (Master) and Doctorate programs vary from 95,000 rubles (about 2,500 USD) to 180,000 rubles (about 4,700 USD) a year.

Teachers in MRSU are experienced and highly qualified, including those from Germany, France, China, Kazakhstan.

Education in MRSU is a good opportunity to learn the profession you are interested in, to get a higher education diploma or certificates of short-time courses, to learn Russian on a high level and easily find job on labor markets.

University prepares invitation to study (you need to fill in the application form) and provides the opportunity of accommodation.

For more information on training, accommodationmedical careinvitationvisa and registration support please contact Department for International Students.