MRSU students became winners of the World Powerlifting Championship WPF 2022!

The competitions were held from October 23 to 24 in the “START” sports complex in Reutov.

Our University was represented by students of the Faculty of Physical Education Kirill Ivashkin and Kirill Yarmola

Kirill took the first place in the weight category up to 100 kg and fulfilled the standard for the title of Master of Sports of Russia. The young man has been training since the age of 9, and has been doing powerlifting for over a year. According to Kirill, this sport has become a part of his life:

– When I train, I lift heavy weights. In my opinion, progress is noticeable more and more, it motivates to develop further. Powerlifting has made me more disciplined, resilient, stronger. At the World Championship, I had strong competitors. At the same time, the very atmosphere of the competition, the team spirit and the strong support of my relatives helped me not only make my debut, but also win. Of course, I want to develop in this direction and fulfill the standard of the Master of Sports of Russia of international class.

Kirill Yarmola took the second place in the weight category up to 67.5 kg and fulfilled the standard of a candidate for the Master of Sports of Russia:

– My achievements are undoubtedly the result of teamwork. I am very grateful to my coach Artur Gerasimov. Artur Vsevolodovich Master of Sports in push-upsin strict and free lifting, Candidate Master of sports in push-upsin deadlift and bench press. Now we are facing a new task – preparation for the World Championship in Suzdal. It will take place in December. I plan to perform in three nominations and set only to win.

Congratulations guys on great results!