MGOU has many research centers and laboratories headed by well-known scientists. Everyone can join their scientific activities.

Academic Life University is multifaceted. One of its most striking development of the parties is a priority research areas where function MRSU leading scientific schools.


Scientific center / Laboratory

Center “Topical problems of history and political science”Prof. Zakharov Viktor

Department of medieval and modern history of Russia

+ 7 (495) 780-09-50 ext.3002

Center “Russian classical literature in the today consciousness”Prof. Kiseleva Irina

Head of the Department of Russian classical literature

+ 7 (495) 780-09-50 ext.3023

Center of physical and chemical analysis of materials and Nano-systemsProf. Belyaev Viktor

Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics.

+ 7 (495) 780-09-50 ext.1623

Laboratory of theoretical and applied physicsAss.Prof. Chausov Denis

Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics.

+ 7 (495) 780-09-50 ext.1623

Laboratory of ecological biochemistryProf. Tsvetkov Ilya

Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry

+ 7 (495) 780-09-50 ext.1925


Center of Psycholinguistics and communication theory

Prof. Chalkova Elizaveta

Department of linguistic theory and English studies

+ 7 (495) 780-09-54 ext.4116

Center “Talented children”Ass.Prof. Dunayeva Tatyana

+ 7 (495) 780-09-54 ext.1940


Center of scientific and technical information on new energy saving materialsProf. Gulyayev Alexander

Department of basics of machine theory

+ 7 (499) 261-82-59

Center “Innovative activity in continuing technological education”Prof. Anisimova Liudmila

Department of theory and methods for professional education

+ 7 (495) 780-09-54 ext.1644

Center of socioeconomic, political and juridical researchesProf. Chistokhodova Liudmila

Director of Institute of Economy, Management and Law

+ 7 (495) 780-09-54 ext.4011

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