MRSU has a modern system of organization of research and innovative activity.

Among the main objectives of scientific and research activities there are:

  • Preservation, support and enhancement of the University scientific schools.
  • Creation of conditions which will help to make scientific research the driving force of the university development in general and in the educational process in particular.

In order to attain the objectives MRSU creates all necessary conditions to achieve the key tasks of scientific activities:

  • to increase the number of educational programs and majors in postgraduate and doctorate programs;
  • significantly improve the quality of education of postgraduate and doctorate students and provide an accelerated doctoral thesis defense;
  • to enlarge opportunities for the scientific training abroad;
  • to implement training of postgraduate and doctorate students in the leading foreign universities followed by thesis defense (both in Russia and in the partner universities);
  • to continue working at opening new dissertation councils and at the introduction of new issues of the “Vestnik” journal approved by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation;
  • to make efforts to attract regional and state budget funds, grants, including international research and training;
  • to develop a system of material incentives for postgraduate students and doctorate students at MRSU;
  • fully encourage the inflow of young teachers in postgraduate and doctorate programs;
  • the planning of a research work should be expedient, and scientific achievements should be encouraged;
  • to stimulate inventiveness and focus the training of postgraduate students on the relationship with the substantial sector of the economy;
  • to motivate the students scientific activity;
  • to encourage targeted support of young scientists.

A motivation of a student’s scientific activity at MRSU should be supported and it is necessary to create a policy for attracting young people to university research work and teaching for this purpose within the framework of the policy it is advisable to restore the functioning of the central coordinating body, which superintend the research conducted by students, postgraduates and doctorates, to develop principles of publication of student’s, postgraduate’s and doctorate’s works on a periodic basis.

For increase of level of MRSU international scientific activities University invites leading international professors who can give lectures to students as well as carry out their investigations in MRSU research centers and laboratories, in Moscow libraries, central Russian archives etc.

MRSU upholds publication activity of international professors in the University scientific journals especially in the “Vestnik” journal approved by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation.

MRSU invites everybody who implements scientific research to take part in international conferences and seminars. If somebody who wants to participate in MRSU conferences and seminars needs official invitation ho should contact Department of International Relations.