Do you want to master the theory and methodology of teaching Russian literature and Russian as a foreign language? For foreign citizens, the Moscow Region State University is implementing a master’s program “Russian Literature”.

Graduates of this program can work in publishing houses, institutions of additional education, travel agencies and excursion organizations. Students will study a wide range of theoretical and practice-oriented issues related to language, speech, fiction, texts, and communication. Russian culture is also being studied with great attention, as well as the methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language and Russian literature in a foreign audience. Graduates will conduct scientific research in the field of the language system and the basic laws of the functioning of folklore and literature, in the field of oral, written and virtual communication.

Specialists of this program will be able to realize their potential in other professional fields: mass media, production of information materials of broadcasting, creation of information material and others. Russian students will study such disciplines as theory and practice of speech communication, intercultural communication, rhetoric, Russian culture, linguistics, a correction course of the Russian language, literary text in a foreign language audience, Russian speech etiquette, Russian language in the Internet, psycholinguistics and others.

You can master the profile on a full–time basis (duration of training – 2 years) on a contractual basis. Applicants are expected to take entrance tests – an interview in the Russian language. There are 15 seats in total.

The 2022 admission campaign begins on July 1! Russian Literature (for Foreign citizens) program: Complete the Master’s degree program at the Faculty of Russian Philology of Moscow Region State University!