The monographs of the professors of the Faculty of Physical Culture of our University have been published.

The authors of the books are Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Practical Foundations of Physical Education and Sports Vladimir Guba and Associate Professor of the Department of Sports Games, Gymnastics and Martial Arts Alexander Antipov.

  • The publication “Preparation of football players in the leading clubs in Europe” reveals how athletes are selected in football clubs in the early stages of training – both in big football and in footsal.

Experts analyzed how to effectively organize and plan the training process of football players.

  • Monograph “Football and futsal. Selection and Training Technologies” is dedicated to the theoretical and practical training of young football players in Russia and some European countries.

The authors presented integral training methods based on the emphasis on the development of individual body functions in athletes of different ages and qualifications.

The monographs are based on the results of scientific research by Vladimir Guba.

Vladimir Guba is the author of more than 400 scientific papers, more than 40 monographs and textbooks.

Monographs will be useful:

  • students;
  • graduate students;
  • teachers;
  • practitioners.