Postgraduate studies of the Faculty of Psychology train specialists in relevant programs:

Postgraduate students of the program “Social Psychology, Political and Economic Psychology” will be engaged in scientific research in the areas of education, health care, social assistance to the population, culture, sports, and jurisprudence. Scientists also pay great attention to the sphere of politics and management.

Postgraduate students of the program “Pedagogical Psychology, Psychodiagnostics of Digital Educational Environments” will determine the direction and content of

the personal and mental development of students at different levels and levels of education, diagnose and form the necessary personal skills.

Postgraduate students of the program “Labor Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Cognitive Ergonomics” will explore the psychological characteristics of managerial activity, the technology of psychological support for an employee, and conduct psychological research using mathematical methods.

As part of research work, students can do internships at the “National Center for Certification of Managers” and acquire additional skills in the field of expertise and independent monitoring of the activities of leaders of organizations.

There is a dissertation council in psychological sciences at MRSU. Researchers are trained by 30 doctors and more than 50 candidates of sciences.