Do you want to design online courses and create an effective innovative educational environment? Become an undergraduate of the new program “Pedagogical Design” of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow Regional State Pedagogical University.

The program is intended for teachers of educational organizations.

Undergraduates will learn:

• How to create e-courses;

• What is the design of the pedagogical e -process?

• How to organize an educational portal;

• What are the features of effective business planning;

• On effective marketing and advertising tools.

Upon graduation, the undergraduates present their own business project.

Students will also study a foreign language and philosophical disciplines.

For undergraduates, practice is provided at the departments: modern industrial technologies, robotics and computer graphics, vocational education technologies at MRSPU and other leading universities.

Undergraduates of the program are in demand:

– in schools, colleges, universities as developers of online courses, deputy heads of information technology;

– IT entrepreneurs

  • Acceptance of documents – from January 10, 2023;
  • Exams start on February 8;
  • Entrance test – interview on pedagogy;
  • Classes will start on March 1;
  • Form of education – part-time, distance learning
  • The cost of training is 80 thousand per year.