Today, young people from Guinea, Benin, Senegal, Ecuador and Vietnam came to our university to apply.

Four of them have completed their bachelor’s degree in their homeland and want to continue their studies at MRSU. Simone Ganlossi from Benin, Camar Anthony Tamali and Keita Mori Ulen from Guinea are going to enter the Faculty of Natural Sciences. And their compatriot Dumbuya Abubakar Sidini is interested in economics.

Diop Serini Modou from Senegal wants to become a physicist and devote his life to science. He submits documents for admission to the bachelor’s degree profile at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Moscow Region State University. Zap Toan Thang from Vietnam and Flores Encarnacion Sofia Leandra from Ecuador chose the profile of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

In order to come to study in Russia, young people passed a competition in their homeland and learned Russian. Many of them learned about Moscow Region State University from the Internet by browsing numerous university websites and student reviews.