Migration support for foreign students and foreign teachers of MGOU is provided by the department for international students. Migration support includes a wide range of different issues to ensure compliance the migration legislation of the Russian Federation by the university and foreign citizens entering, studying, working in MGOU, including:

  • preparation of invitations for foreign applicants enrolled in higher education programs, additional educational programs and for teachers to enter the Russian Federation;
  • registration of foreign citizens, who study full-time and work at MGOU, for migration registration when they live in MGOU dormitory;
  • control over the timely extension of the period of temporary stay (visa) confirming the legality of finding of a foreign citizen on the territory of the Russian Federation. Obtaining a study visa is possible with a package of documents, including an invitation from the host country. To apply for the invitation should be sent carefully, clearly and understandably completed application form for invitations (in Russian and Chinese / in Russian and English) to the e-mail address of the department for international students. The invitation is issued in electronic form. As soon as it is ready, it is sent to the consular department of the Russian Federation Embassy in the country of visa receipt. The deadline for issuing an invitation to enter the Russian Federation is from 20 days.

Compliance with foreign students of immigration legislation

Every foreign student is required to know in full the Rules of  stay, residence and movement of foreign citizens, students and / or entering MGOU (download), first of all,  the most important excerpts:

  • it is mandatory to register for migration at the place of stay at the place of actual residence on arrival in Moscow;
  • to extend the term of temporary stay (visa) in a timely manner: not later than 40 days before the expiration date of the visa and not later than 25 days before the expiration date of the “Detachable part of the notification of the foreign citizen’s arrival at the place of stay”.
  • first of all in case of loss of a passport and / or migration card a foreign citizen must apply to the police with a statement about the loss of any of the above documents and receive a certificate of loss of these documents.

Admission of foreign citizens for training.

Reception coordination of foreign citizens to study at all types of educational programs in MGOU is carried out by the department for international students.