An academic year at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs (Bachelor, Specialist and Master programs) lasts from the 1st of September till the 30th of June.

Foreign citizens from countries with a visa regime can arrive later than September, 1st if they arrive for the first time having received preliminary approval of the Department for International Students

You must inform the Department for International Students on all the possible reasons delaying your arrival.

Winter vacation – from 25 January till 6 February

Summer vacation – from 1 July till 31 August (there may be practical training in July)

Classes are given every day during the semester and last 6-8 hours with a 30-minute dinner break. One day a week may be devoted to self study. Sunday is a day-off.

At the end of each semester students take exams and in case of successful passing they are admitted to study the next semester. A student is allowed to have not more than one academic arrear which must be eliminated within a month after the beginning of the semester.

The main reasons for expulsion from the University before the end of the study term are:

  1. Failure to fulfill the academic plan
  2. Violation of the obligations presupposed by the MRSU Study Rules;
  3. Violation of the MRSU Regulations (for example, smoking in an appropriate place, drinking alcohol on the university grounds (including the dormitory), breach of public order on the university grounds).
  4. Violation of the Dormitory Rules
  5. Violation of other local normative acts of the University (the Rector’s orders and instructions etc.)
  6. Academic failure:
  • receiving an “unsatisfactory” mark or “failed credit” in three or more subjects during the interim attestation (examinations session);
  • receiving an “unsatisfactory” mark or “failed credit” in one subject when retaking an exam or a credit in presence of the attestation commission;
  • failure to eliminate academic arrear within the designated time including arrears resulting from transferal from another university or change of the conditions of the educational program.
  1. Failure to resume studies after academic leave
  2.    Loss of contact with the University (absence from classes for two weeks without a valid reason)
  3. Non-performance of education payment obligations stated in the agreement for paid educational services

In case of illness a student must inform of it the dean’s office of the faculty and the first day after resuming studies the student must present a certificate of a standard form issued by the medical report.

If international student becomes to be sick in Russia he must immediately call to insurance company to receive medical care.

Recovery of a student’s status may be achieved within 5 years if the student left the University of one’s own free will or for a valid reason on the same basis (paid or free) as before leaving it if the University has vacancies.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee is carried out on the basis of the concluded agreement for paid educational services in accordance with the education payment rate determined by the MRSU Academic Council.

The education price doesn’t include payment for the dormitory and payment for a medical insurance policy.

Education payment deferral is allowed only for a valid reason stated in a student’s application approved by the dean of the faculty and the Department for International Students with the MRSU Rector’s permission.