The University requires that the students should observe their obligations, including ones below:

  • to observe the requirements of the University Regulations;
  • to observe the Rules of arrival, residence and travelling for foreign citizens studying and/or entering MRSU (download )
  • to observe the Dormitory Rules
  • to acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills from the chosen educational program;
  • to attend compulsory classes and do all the tasks presupposed by the educational programs and syllabi in time;
  • to inform in time the University administration of the inability to attend classes for a valid reason;
  • to keep the University premises and grounds neat and orderly;
  • to take good care of the University property, compensate damages to the University in the established procedure;
  • to observe the requirements of the pass control, keep the student ID card;
  • to  be polite and tactful with all the teachers, employees and students of the University;
  • to follow the rules of conduct ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE;

  to abstain from drinking alcohol on the University grounds.