MRSU has dormitories in Moscow and Moscow Region.

Babushkinskoye dormitory: Moscow, Lenskaya Street 7

Perlovskoye dormitory: Moscow region, Mytishchi, Vera Voloshina Street 31

International students are usually accommodated in the Perlovskoye dormitory located within three kilometers of Moscow Ring Road and a five-minute walk of the Perlovskoye academic building of MRSU.


All international students accommodated in the dormitories sign a specialized residential lease agreement and must strictly observe the dormitory rules.

Dormitory rules

Procedure of providing and accommodating in the dormitory

Accommodation of students is carried out on the basis of the MRSU Rector’s order, the students’ personal applications and the specialized residential lease agreement.

A specialized residential lease agreement is made up in duplicate in the Russian language (the official language of the Russian Federation). One copy of the agreement is retained by the student, the other by the MRSU administration.

The reference copy of the residential lease agreement translated into foreign languages can be found in the Department for International Students.

Accommodation in the dormitory is carried out by the dormitory supervisor on the basis of the application form for accommodation, passport, health certificate (issued on the basis of the medical insurance policy which guaranties medical care).

On being accommodated in the dormitory students must get acquainted with the dormitory internal rules, take safety training on using electrical appliances, domestic radio equipment and gas equipment, get to know the rules of using personal electrical appliances and the procedure of vacating dormitory rooms. Training is carried out by the dormitory supervisor.

The rate of dormitory accommodation charge is determined in accordance with the Russian Federation legislature.

Dormitory accommodation charges are taken from students under the established procedure; when students leave for vacation, they are not charged for using bedclothes or for additional services.

In case of the termination of the specialized residential lease agreement the student must leave the occupied dormitory room within three days showing the dormitory supervisor the said room (living accommodation) in tidy condition and all the borrowed equipment in good order.

Accommodating unauthorized persons in the dormitory is prohibited.

Dormitory access rules

The residents receive a pass of the established form giving them access to the dormitory. It is strictly prohibited to give one’s pass to other individuals in which case students are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Russian Federation legislature and the MRSU Regulations.

When entering the dormitory the residents present their passes.

Dormitory residents’ rights

Dormitory residents have the right to:

  • live in the room designated for them during the whole study period on condition that they comply with the prescribed rules and the specialized residential lease agreement;
  • use self-study classrooms and public amenities rooms as well as the dormitory equipment and appliances;
  • address the dormitory administration on matters of timely repairs, replacement of equipment that went out of order through no fault of theirs;
  • use domestic appliances according to the accident-prevention rules and fire safety rules.

Dormitory residents’ obligations

Dormitory residents must:

  • comply with the terms of the specialized residential lease agreement;
  • receive visitors at the hours specified by the dormitory administration;
  • carry out timely payment according to the specified rate for dormitory accommodation, use of bed clothes and all the additional fee-based services rendered;
  • keep quiet and not disturb other residents when using self-study classrooms and public amenities rooms;
  • strictly observe the dormitory rules, the accident-prevention and fire safety rules;
  • strictly observe the rules on use of domestic appliances;
  • take good care of the buildings and equipment;
  • economize electricity, gas and water;
  • keep the living quarters and public areas neat and orderly; clean their own rooms in due time and the kitchen in accordance with the established duty schedule;
  • recoup for the inflicted damage to property in accordance with the Russian Federation legislature and the specialized residential lease agreement;
  • present the foreign ID upon request of the MRSU and dormitory administration:
    • passport
    • visa (multiple visa)
    • notification of arrival of a foreign citizen at the place of stay (the detachable section of the notification form)
    • migration card
    • student ID / doctoral student ID / other document confirming the status of an MRSU student or teacher
  • present the document enabling residence in the dormitory upon request of the MSRU and dormitory administration;
  • make it possible for the MRSU and dormitory administration to inspect the occupied room for the purpose of controlling the observation of the dormitory rules, undamaged condition of property and carrying out preventive and other kinds of maintenance.

Dormitory residents are forbidden:

  • to change rooms without authorization;
  • to carry equipment from one room to another without authorization;
  • to carry out alterations or repairs of the electric wiring and power supply network without authorization;
  • carry out work or other actions inside the building that might produce too much noise or vibrations thus disturbing good living conditions for the other residents;
  • to use television sets, cassette recorders and other loud speaking appliances with volume turned on high disturbing the peace of the residents;
  • to paste up notices and other information on the walls of the living quarters, doors, lifts and public areas (except for the places designated for this purpose)
  • to smoke inside the dormitory;
  • to take unauthorized persons illegally into the dormitory and (or) put them up for a night, to accommodate other persons in the occupied room including the residents occupying other dormitory rooms;
  • to enter the dormitory inebriated (in a state of alcoholic, drug or toxic intoxication), drink and keep alcoholic beverages, beer and alcohol-based drinks;
  • to distribute (including selling) alcoholic beverages, beer, alcohol-based drinks and narcotic substances;
  • to install additional locks on the doors, change the locks without the dormitory supervisor’s authorization;
  • to use in the dormitory sources of naked flame (including candles, aromatic candle-lamps, incense);
  • to keep pets in the dormitory;
  • to keep in the dormitory large-size and cumbersome things impeding use of the area designated for living;
  • to install washing-machines without authorization;
  • to alter the dormitory furniture;
  • to carry the furniture from one room to another;
  • to bring into the dormitory personal furniture, paintings and other large-size things without the dormitory supervisor’s authorization);
  • to bring into the dormitory appliances heavily using energy (microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric fryers, electric kettles).