The Сenter for International Education functions within the structure of the MRSU. It provides foreign students enrolled in Russian universities with a full range of educational services in the field of learning Russian as a foreign language (RFL) based on modern methodological complexes, materials and programs for any target audience.

The main activities of the center are:

– Preparing foreign students for study at the Moscow Region State University and other Russian higher education institutions under the program of preparatory departments, including teaching of Russian as a foreign language and General subjects;

– Teaching Russian language and Humanities to students and trainees who comes to Russia from foreign higher education institutions;

– Organizing and conducting of testing in Russian as a foreign language;

– Teaching Russian as a foreign language at advanced training courses;

– Organizing and holding of seminars and conferences related to the problems of saving, promotion and teaching of the Russian language abroad and in national schools in Russia.

There are specialists of the highest level working at the Center for International Education: they are the authors of the world-known textbooks on Russian as a foreign language “Russian language for all”, “Start”, “Practical course of Russian language”, “Way to Russia”, “Russian Season” (associate Professor M. M. Nakhabina, etc.); the creators of the Russian state system of testing citizens of foreign countries and the authors of the model tests in TORFL (Professor V. A. Stepanenko, etc.); developers of free network educational and methodical interactive complex in Russian for beginners (A1)” Time to speak Russian”, a series of microfilms “Moscow in alphabetical order ” (associate Professor A.Yu. Petanova, etc.) as well as materials for mobile applications. Lectures on Russian and world culture are given by the doctor of Culturology, the winner of The Shuvalov prize, the member of the Union of writers Professor V. S. Elistratov, and also a number of well-known, talented Russian scholars.

Head of Center

Dr. Stepanenko Vera

8 (495) 6424184