Do you like sports and dream of coaching champions? The Faculty of Physical Culture of Moscow Region State University opens a new undergraduate profile “Sports training in youth sports”.

The demand for specialists in this field is growing due to the active development of youth sports in the country. At the beginning of this year, the Government of Russia approved the Concept for the Development of Children’s and Youth Sports until 2030: the goal is for more than 90% of all children to regularly go in for sports. At the same time, more than 3.2 million children are professionally engaged in sports schools and training centers, and this figure is increasing annually.

You will master the fundamental disciplines in the classroom: the theory and methodology of physical culture, the theory of sports, professional sports improvement.

A large number of classes are devoted to practical disciplines: skiing, athletics, swimming, basketball, football, volleyball, handball – future coaches undergo versatile training!

Practice is provided for bachelors in children’s sports schools.

Bachelor’s graduates will be able to find jobs as coaches in general physical training, as well as in their chosen sport. You will be able to work as an athlete-instructor, methodologist and consultant in the field of physical culture and sports. Specialists are expected in state structures, youth sports schools, schools of the Olympic reserve, centers, sports clubs

  • Form of education: Full time
  • The period of study is 4 years;
  • Classes start in September 2023.

You can find out information about admission to MRSU here: