If you need an invitation for entry the Russian Federation (with obligatory arrival at MRSU) please email the following documents and information to the Department for International Students (interstudents@mgou.ru):

– a copy of your passport with the photograph, first and last name, date of birth, date of issue of the passport, date of its expiry (it should be valid for more than 18 months). If the date of expiry is on another page, it also must be scanned and emailed.

– filled in application for invitation form

– name and contacts of a person to whom you entrust to receive your invitation

– whether you need accommodation or not

– a copy of education documents (for students who want to study masterbachelor or doctorate program)

– a copy of a Russian language skill certificate or MRSU Russian course certificate or any other Russian language certificate (for students who want to study bachelor, master or doctorate program)

If you need an invitation letter to obtain a passport please contact us and we will prepare it for you.

The application form (download) should be filled using a computer.

After receiving an invitation you should go to the Russian consulate as soon as possible.

You must inform the Department for International Students about the time of your arrival beforehand by sending an email to the following address: interstudents@mgou.ru


Application form should be filled in with large block letters clearly and legibly

Use the information ONLY FROM the PASSPORT.

Carelessly filled application form will not be accepted.

For more information contact the Department for International Students.