The educational program “Advanced Russian” is for those with basic Russian level (A-2) or levels B-1, B-2, C-1.

The program enables students learn the Russian language better and to enlarge the vocabulary for further professional activities connected with Russian.

Terms of study: 1 – 10 months.

Academic calendar:

– flexible depending on term of study, level of knowledge of Russian, personal interests of student etc.

– 5-day academic week (24 hours).

Special features of the program:

– program includes:

  • General Russian course
  • Professional Russian course with vocabulary of future profession
  • Speech practice

The program prepares students for a successful passing of the entrance tests that are necessary for admission to the bachelormaster or doctorate programs as well as for a successful passing of the TORFL B-1 / B-2 / C-1 / C-2

At all the stages of the program students are offered to take classes in a corrective phonetic course which is necessary for forming correct Russian speech. Each student has an opportunity for individual consultations with a teacher.

The program structure

The program consists of the several interconnected sections that are studied at the same time:

  • speaking
  • reading
  • listening
  • writing
  • country studies
  • linguocultural studies
  • theoretical grammar
  • practical grammar
  • speech training with Russian students

The system of knowledge evaluation

– tests and exams

– final test

– essay

Basic skills

The program helps to develop the main language skills:

  • Communicative skills – the ability to speak Russian fluently
  • Sociolinguistic skills – adjusting to social and cultural environment in Russia, getting to know the basics of Russian culture including the speech norms both in General Russian and in Professional Russian;
  • Professional skills – learning the advanced profession-oriented vocabulary.

A graduate from the Advanced Russian course is ready for further training at any educational program.


A student can continue his studies at: