Moscow Region State University was founded in 1931, and now it is the largest university in Moscow Region.

University has large history rich of events, discoveries, achievements in science and research etc.

In 1950 – 1960-s Moscow Region Pedagogical Institute was one of the leaders in the soviet pedagogics and pedagogical science.

In 1971 Moscow Region Pedagogical Institute became one of the leading institutions with the right to publish scientific journals, and educational literature.

In 1970-s Moscow Region Pedagogical Institute stars to engage in international cooperation between soviet educational institutions and partner universities of socialist countries of the East Europe and Asia. In Institute appear first international students. At those years were created specific short time courses in Russian as a foreign language.

In 1991 Moscow Region Pedagogical Institute was renamed into Moscow Pedagogical University. At the same time it was carried out step by step evolution of educational system into the classical university one.

In 2002 Moscow Region Pedagogical University became a classical university and was renamed into Moscow Region State University.

Today MRSU is a modern educational institution which prepares skilled and most sought-after professionals.

Currently the university has rather branched structure which includes 4 institutes, 15 faculties and 84 chairs with more than 10,500 students, research centers and laboratoriesculture and sport objects, biological stations.

In MRSU study more than 250 international students on undergraduate and postgraduate programsdoctorate programs as well as on courses of Russian for beginnersAdvanced Russian courses, summer schools.

The main mission of MRSU is to provide the availability of competitive, high-quality, continuous education aimed at the socio-economic, innovative development of the Russian Federation, as well as at the development of a system of elite training of highly qualified personnel. We seek to ensure that the preparation of young people for any specialty is combined with the formation of a versatile personality. These qualities allow our graduates to find their way in the rapidly changing world. For the thousands of young people who have graduated from the university, it will forever remain the true alma mater, a place which is associated with the best years of their life.