On the 12th of February, 2020, the faculty of special pedagogy and psychology hosted the international scientific and practical conference “Psychological and pedagogical support for children and adolescents with OOP in inclusive education”.  The conference was attended by well-known foreign and domestic scientists: doctor, Professor Marco Moschini (Italy); doctor, Professor Slavica Golubovich (Serbia); doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Dean of the faculty of SPIP A. A. Dmitriev, Executive Director of the Union of defectologists of Russia, chief adviser to the rector of Moscow Region  State University G. V. Kryukov; doctor, Professor ASOU V. V. Voronkova; doctor of psychology, Professor of MSPU I. Yu. Levchenko; Dean of the faculty of clinical and special psychology of MSPPU E. E. Artemova and others.

The Dean of the faculty of SPIP A. A. Dmitriev was the first to address the students and guests of the conference

Executive Director of the Union of defectologists of Russia G. V. Kryukov at the plenary session revealed the specifics of the functioning of the Union of defectologists of Russia, which performs a number of complex and important tasks to improve the quality of training and competence of practitioners of special education, creating a motivational success of teachers and defectologists of the Moscow region.

Italian Professor Marco Moschini in his video addressed to the conference audience raised the issue of the importance of implementing innovative inclusive technologies in the educational space and focused on supporting the ethical and moral potential in the education and training of children with developmental disabilities. He noted that the cooperation between the University of Perugia and the Moscow Region State University is based on the development of double-degree education for the possibility of improving the training of undergraduates who have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the future both in Russia and the European Union.

The audience listened to the speech of a colleague from Serbia, Professor Slavica Golubovic with a great interest.  The foreign colleague revealed the specifics of implementing special education in Serbia and stressed the importance of joint research projects of the Moscow Region State University and the University of Belgrade.

The second part of the conference was held within the framework of various scientific areas of special pedagogy and psychology, discussed at five round tables.

One of the interesting and relevant topics that attracted many listeners, including students and also practical pedagogics, was devoted to “Neuropsychophysiological foundations of rehabilitation of children with OOP”. The main goal of the speakers was to form basic theoretical and practical ideas about the use of neuropsychological methods in the psychological and pedagogical support of children with OOP.

The round table “Support of children with OOP in the conditions of modern educational paradigm”, headed by the Dean of the faculty of SPIP, Professor A. A. Dmitriev, revealed the importance of improving the scientific potential of higher education in the research activities of students, undergraduates and researchers.  The reports reflected the theme of the scientific paradigm of scientists of the “International scientific and practical laboratory for the support of children with disabilities”. Students and foreign colleagues met with interest new scientific developments in the field of special pedagogy and psychology.

The discussion of the current topic “Psychological and pedagogical support for people with severe multiple developmental disorders” was held during a round table, moderated by the Executive Director of the Union of defectologists of Russia G. V. Kryukov and candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor A. A. Eremina. The discussion focused on the problems of supporting and educating children with TMNR. A lot of reports from experienced teachers working with a complex topic, their experience, scientific “developments” were passed to specialists and students who want to add to their knowledge about the specifics of working with children with TMNR.

The round table “Modern approaches to the implementation of inclusive education in Russia and abroad” discussed the most pressing issues of modern education: the pros and cons of inclusion, features of inclusive education in Russia in comparison with other countries, moral and ethical education of children with disabilities, etc. The round table was attended by teachers of the Department of special pedagogy and inclusive education: O. V. Shokhova, I. A. Katkova, E. Yu. Firsova, S. V. Kovalenko and others.

One of the discussion  topic  was “Current meanings of speech therapy practice in modern educational conditions”. Undoubtedly, the participation of Professor Slavica Golubovich was a bright moment in scientific presentations. The report on the current topic “Diagnosis of dyslexia” was received by students and practical speech therapists with great interest, many questions were asked, and a friendly discussion arose, in which the existing language difference did not become a barrier to communication. They also discussed innovative approaches to the problems of speech therapy practice in modern educational conditions, effective technologies for teaching and educating people with speech disorders.

The conference was held by the faculty of special pedagogy and psychology of Moscow Region State University, became a platform that brought together students, teachers, scientific and practical workers, and foreign scientists. Important aspects of the event were: improving the professional activity of students, creating a motivational component in training, successful communication of practical and scientific workers, as well as creating favorable conditions for further fruitful cooperation in international research activities.