On the 10th of February, 2020, the V International science festival will start in the Moscow region. It will be attended by famous scientists from the leading universities and research institutes in Russia and the Moscow region.  Scientists and representatives of the embassies of Germany, Finland, France, China, Vietnam, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia are also participants of the festival.  Moscow State Region University is the organizer of the Festival in the Moscow region.

The Festival aims the following: to develop the scientific potential of the Moscow region and Russia, establish the scientific relations with foreign partners, ensure the leadership of the Moscow region in the development and implementation of world-class scientific innovations, strengthen Russia in the world academic space, present scientific achievements of scientists in the Moscow region, promote scientific discoveries in the real sector of the economy, popularize science among young people.

Popularization of science among a wide audience is a great start to the development of unique Russian popular science projects that ensure the formation of young people’s interest in science, and the successful implementation of scientific projects within the national project “Science”.

One of the main tasks of the Festival is to tell students in clear and accessible way about the scientists’ work, improvement of the life quality by science, prospects for modern people, and the reason why the Moscow region is considered a leader in the development and implementation of world-class scientific innovations.

Participation is free of charge. Entrance to the Festival is free for everyone.

You can find out all the detailed information and get acquainted with the Festival program using the link.