The 31st of  October, 2019, foreign students of MRSU visited the  museum-estate Yasnaya Polyana, located in the Tula region, where Lev Tolstoy, the great Russian writer, was born and lived during his  life. The excursion was organized by the International cooperation department specially for students of the Russian Philology faculty.

Foreign students of Moscow Region State University are in the Museum-station complex  “Kozlova Zaseka”

Participants of the excursion from China

The first stop on the way to explore the small homeland of Leo Tolstoy was the Museum-station complex “Kozlova Zaseka” – a railway junction that still receives suburban, passenger and freight trains. Foreign students of Moscow Region State University visited with great interest the exhibition ” railway of the period of  Leo Tolstoy “, where they were able to touch the things that were at the station during the life of the writer.

Foreign students of Moscow Region State University at the exhibition “railway of the period of Leo Tolstoy”

During the visit of the estate “Yasnaya Polyana”, students learned the facts of its history, the fate of the ancestors of Leo Tolstoy, economic activity in the estate, the existence of the first school for peasant children.

MRSU Foreign students are at the memorial house of Leo Tolstoy

Then the students visited the literary exhibition in the wing of the Kuzminskye, learned about Tolstoy’s foreign trips, the beginning of family life, military service in the Caucasus and Crimea which is an important milestone of Tolstoy’s life and  about the creation of the epic novel “War and peace”.

Huang Xiaotong (1st year master’s student of the faculty of Russian Philology of MRSU) from China is  at the exhibition

On the way back to the University, foreign students exchanged impressions and looked through editions with the works of Leo Tolstoy, which they purchased in Yasnaya Polyana.

MRSU Students in “Yasnaya Polyana”