On the 18th of November 2019, the selection of students, tutors and mentors in the design and educational intensive “School of future” started. It is conducted by Moscow Region State University in collaboration with the University of NTI “20.35”.

Intensive includes: diagnostics of participants’ competencies, their behavioral patterns, key motivators, training with tutors, mentors (school Directors, business representatives, specialists of NTI “20.35” University), work on project tasks.

MRSU students, who are ready to improve their skills in project activities, work on real projects, learn from the leaders of different organizations were invited to participate. To make it real, you must register with the Leader.ID and pass the diagnostics on the platform of the NTI “20.35” University (this can be done on the website of the intensive) before the 30th of November 2019.

Directors and partners of the educational institutions can also take part in the event as project mentors and project task managers in order to focus the team participating in the intensive on the problem and its solution. This will help mentors to refresh their knowledge about the problems in the industry and their solutions, to improve their own mentoring skills, to make new useful contacts (to participate, you need to register on the website of the intensive).

In addition, everyone can become a tutor, with an important coordinating mission: to organize meeting with the project mentor, to remind the teams about the training and to follow the progress of the project, and these are just few tasks of the tutor. This will pump up knowledge in the field of individualization of education, improve communication skills and flexible way of thinking (to participate, you must register on the website of the intensive).

Participants will have the opportunity to attend online and face-to-face events from the experts in the field of education and digitalization during the educational intensive.

After the diagnosis, teams will be assembled on the platform of NTI University “20.35”, which will create projects and implement them within a few months.

You may learn more and register through the Leader.ID and pass the diagnostics by the link.