In July 2019, Anastasia Kolpashchikova, a third-year graduate student of the Department of economic theory of the Economic faculty, won the competition of scientific grants of the Governor of the Moscow region. The subject of her research is: “Improvement of economic and legal mechanisms of regional intellectual capital development in the context of economic security of the region.”

Anastasia Kolpashikov carries out her research in this field under the scientific guidance of Professor Sergey V. Skopinskiy, Doctor of economic Sciences. This topic is included in the range of fundamental scientific issues that are the field of research of the Department of economic theory.

In the course of work on the project with the assistance of the Deputy Dean on scientific work of the economic faculty of M. N. Lavrov is scheduled publication of research results in international scientific events and the publication of several articles included in the list of publications recommended by the higher attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, and one article in the scientific publication, indexed in the scientometric database Scopus.