On the 21st and 22nd  of June, 2019 students and teachers of the History, Political Science and Law  faculties of Moscow Region State University  took part in the International scientific conference ” Origins of the great Victory” and commemorative events dedicated to the Day of national memory of the victims of the Second World War  in Brest.

MRSU students

On the 21st of June, MRSU delegation attended the plenary session of the International scientific conference “Origins of the great Victory”. Ph. D. Alexey Larionov the Associate Professor of the Department of history of Russia of the Middle Ages and modern times made a welcoming speech. The meeting was attended by the war veterans, the last defenders of the Brest fortress who are alive.

There was held a student Round table in the framework of the conference. The program of the Round table included issues related to the coverage of the events of the beginning of the Second World War, the exchange of experience of military-Patriotic education in the Moscow Region State University and Brest State University. Students shared their views on the preservation of the memory of the feat of our ancestors during the war. Reports were made by students of the faculty of History, Political Science and Law.

On the 22nd of June, the MRSU delegation visited the event “Requiem for victims of the first days of the Second World War”. Students shared their impressions: “Two days can be remembered for a lifetime and change views on their own existence…»

Brest fortress

Ph. D. Andrey Bodak the Associate Professor of the Department of General history of Brest State University conducted a tour of the Brest fortress for students of Moscow Region State University. Ilya Lebed wrote: “In this place you are under pressure all at once: the atmosphere, music, monuments and stories about what had happened on this piece of land. It’s priceless…»