On the 23 and 30 of April 2019, Perlovsky bld of Moscow region state university hosted events and workshops of “Indian classical dance as an integral element of the country’s culture”, “History of the emergence of Indian classical vocal music” in the framework of the “Lingvo” club and the discipline “Introduction to the theory of intercultural communication” under the guidance of the Indian teacher Leena Sareen.

The workshop in Indian classical dance was held on the 23d of April. Realization of the event was entrusted to Ashish Kathak – teacher of the Indian classical dance in Jawaharlal Nehru cultural center of the Embassy of India, Moscow.

Ashish Kathak belongs to the dynasty of Kathak dancers; here is the origin of his family name. Ashish shared information about 9 types of classical dance forms in India, and about the three main Gharana released in Kathak dance. He showed a mastery of Kathak in Shiva Stuti  dance “BHO Shambho”. Ashish also spoke about the main features of Kathak as a dance form, showed the costume that dancers wear during the performance. Students of the University also had the opportunity to try themselves in dance.

On the 30th of April was held the second workshop on “Indian classical vocal music”.

Ashish Mishra is a hereditary musician in the sixth generation, he is also a tabla teacher (Indian musical instrument, a small pair drum) and vocal in Jawaharlal Nehru cultural center of the Embassy of India, Moscow.  He presented Banaras Gharan (tabla playing school), which is characterized by beat, imitating pakhavadzhu drum, used in the style of Drupad (it is a vocal and instrumental form (genre) of North Indian classical music).

Ashish Mishra spoke about the basics of Indian music, the role of rhythm (Tala) and melody (raga) during the workshop. The students also learned about the origin of the tabla drums, their features and the main beats -“bols”. These are the first steps of students beginning to comprehend the tabla way of playing. The Maestro demonstrated his mastery of playing the tabla, an Indian melodic composition performed on a sitar.

Under the guidance of Ashish Mishra several students took the stage and played simple rhythmic compositions on the tabla at the end of the workshop.