Within the framework of the IV International Festival of Science , 64 events were held, in which 1,755 people took an active part.

Scientists – biologists discussed topical issues of biological and chemical ecology with the participation of rectors of Russian universities and foreign countries, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientists from the USA, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, China, Romania. An agreement was reached on joint scientific expeditions to Republic of Komi, Republic of Crimea, Leningrad Region, Uzbekistan, and State of Virginia. Historians elaborated a development program of area and historical-regionalist studies in the context of the Address of the President of Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly and in connection with the anniversary of Moscow Region; presented results of research of Epoch of Pedagogical reform of 20-30s in the actual business of modern reform in sphere of education. An agreement has been reached with the Russian Geographical Society on the comprehensive support of student research initiatives in the problem field of modern geography. Philologists worked out a strategy of scientific cooperation in the field of learning Russian with scientists from Eastern European countries. Also was organized the project with Italian colleagues in the field of special pedagogy.

As a part of the Closing Ceremony of the IV International Festival of Science, was signed an agreement on strategic cooperation between MRSU and the Institute of Problems of Physical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Festival of Science has become a platform for effective scientific cooperation for scientists from China, India, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, and Costa Rica.

According to the results of scientific research, Moskayev Anton Vyacheslavovich – Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of General Biology and Bioecology, became the best young scientist. He revealed the epidemiological role of specific twin species of anopheles mosquitoes, his developments have become a whole discovery in science and have made a great contribution to the study of malaria.

The best scientist of the year became David Alexandrovich Areshidze – Candidate of Biological Sciences, Director of the REC MRSU in Chernogolovka, Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Biology and Biotechnology. He is the author of 202 publications, more than 50 of which are in Web of Science and Scopus journals, two monographs, and 10 Russian patents.

The best scientific team of the year was found the department of theoretical physics, the head of the department, doctor of technical sciences Viktor Vasilyevich Belyaev.

Members of the department has received numerous grants, actively presenting the results of their research in foreign journals. At the University, this department is the leader in the number of citations, foreign publications, scientific trips to China, Germany, the United States and other countries.

Our congratulations to the best scientists and wish new scientific discoveries!