Moscow Region State University, realizes the tasks of internationalization of higher education, develops cooperation with scientific and educational centers of early pedagogy of Bavaria. Among these centers we can mention our long-standing partners: the Bavarian State Institute of Early Pedagogy in Munich (IFP) and the Munich Catholic University (KSHS). Long-term cooperation with colleagues from Bavaria helps to attract international experience in the training process of our students in the profiles of pre-School / primary education and pre-school defectology / speech therapy, expands the professional competence of our teachers and graduates in terms of familiarity with the results of foreign research.

In particular, cooperation with IFP in the form of internships of teachers of MRSU in Bavarian kindergartens, or lectures by Bavarian specialists for students of MRSU allows to get an expert advice and information support on various aspects of modern pre-school education. Being one of the leading European research centers, IFP has advanced research technologies, relevant research results on the problems of modern preschool pedagogy.

Partner interaction with KSHS, in which the profile direction of training is the pedagogy of childhood, contributes to the development of academic mobility of teachers and students of MRSU, allows to get acquainted with the program and methods of training of specialists of preschool education in the Bavarian partner University, visit Bavarian kindergartens.

It should be noted that some kind of support is provided at the level of the Bavarian state Ministry for family, employment and social Affairs for the development of business contacts between the MRSU and the IFP. The representative of the Ministry, the head of the Abstract of preschool institutions Hans-Jüergen Dunkl visited our University in February 2018, participated in negotiations and gave a speech at the International conference organized by the Faculty of special pedagogy and psychology of the Moscow Region State University.

Therefore not coincidentally, Valery Petrovich, Makarchenko (the main Advisor to the rector of MRSU) during his working visit to Munich in December 2018 was invited to meet with Hans-Jüergen Dunkl. The meeting was organized with the mediation of IFP researcher, Bernhard Nagel (Herr Prof.Dr.Bernhard Nagel) (Honorary Professor of MRSU) and was held in the Mr. Dunkl’s office.


During a meeting at the Bavarian Ministry of family, employment and social Affairs. In the photo from left to right: Hans-Jurgen Dunkel, Valery Petrovich Makarchenko, Bernhard Nagel.


During the meeting, Mr. Dunkel recalled with pleasure his visit to the MRSU, asked about the state of business cooperation between University and IFP, and expressed his readiness to continue to support the development of partnerships in the field of preschool education.

At the same time, within the framework of V. Makarchenko’s stay in Munich, there were held meetings and negotiations with the management and staff of scientific, educational and public organizations which are partners of the Moscow Region State University. The negotiations were attended by (German side): Frau Prof.Dr.Fabienne Becker-Stoll (IFP Director), Frau Prof.Dr. Helga Schneider (Head of training “Education and upbringing in childhood-pedagogy of childhood” KSHS), Herr Dr.Helmut Wittmann (a Member of the Board of public organization “Russian-German scientific and cultural cooperation” (DRW), Honored Professor of the MRSU University), Frau Сhrista Kiferlie (researcher at IFP), Herr Prof.Dr.Bernhard Nagel (researcher at IFP, Honored Professor of the MRSU).

Makarchenko (far left) with the negotiators (right to left): Frau Prof.Dr.Fabienne Becker-Stoll, Herr Prof.Dr.Bernhard Nagel, Herr Dr.Helmut Wittmann, Frau Сhrista Kiferlie, Frau Prof.Dr. Helga Schneider.


During the talks, the sides exchanged views on the state and prospects of development of business cooperation between the IFP and KSHS, as well as possible interaction with DRW. The participants of the talks noted the high level of business cooperation with the IGO in 2018 and expressed their readiness for further partnership in 2019

For example, Helga Schneider thanked the leadership of our University for the warm welcome given to the delegation of KSHS, who visited the Moscow Region State University in 2018 and also for the opportunity to take part in a scientific Colloquium: the way of use learning technology “Body alphabet”, its is the Dean of the faculty of special pedagogy and psychology MRSU Alexey Andreevich Dmitriev. The scientific results of the Colloquium were highly appreciated by German colleagues. Prof. Helga Schneider accordingly confirmed the readiness of the KSHS to invite scientists’ delegation of the Moscow Region State University led by A. A. Dmitriev in March 2019 to make presentation of his methodology to Bavarian colleagues.

IFP Director Prof. Becker-Stoll confirmed her readiness to provide assistance and support in the organization of internships of teachers and specialists of the MRSU in 2019, conducted on the basis of her Institute. The tentative dates and the number of participants for possible internships have been agreed upon. There was also discussed the expansion of scientific cooperation, in particular, the possibility of participation of scientists in the IFP conducted research on topical issues of preschool pedagogy.

According to the opinion of Mr. Wittmann, cooperation between the MRSU and DRW also has certain perspectives. In particular, the leading collective member of DRW is the Munich Institute of applied languages and translators (SDI). Taking into account that MRSU trains specialists in the field of linguistics and intercultural communication, the DRW leadership is also ready to assist in the organization of internships for teachers and students-linguists of MRSU on the basis of SDI.

Thus, these meetings were one more step towards the development of international cooperation in the field of pre-school education, and the negotiations allowed to summarize the results of joint activities with our Bavarian partners and also to plan the educational and scientific events for 2019.