A meeting with the delegation of the Security Faculty was held on the 3d of September   in accordance with the agreement on scientific-educational cooperation between MRSU and Belgrade University (Republic of Serbia). Next day the faculty hosted an international practical conference “Current problems of the life security”. The main purpose of the conference was: establishment of the scientific links, friendly relations as well as the exchange of the experience in the development of a safety culture.

After the end of the conference there was a tour around the 6th educational building at the Security Faculty of MGOU. Serbian guests had a strong interest in the faculty practice-oriented place. They had chance to demonstrate rock climbing skills, evacuation and rescue activities, operation with a professional rescue equipment and first aid. They were under the careful   guidance of Kovalev D.V. (the senior teacher of the Department of Social Security), of the faculty climbers-group and members of the Moscow-region branch of Russian Rescuers Union.