Today all the faculties of Moscow Region State University started this academic year with the first lecture “Specialty induction”. First year students had a chance to get acquainted to the features of their future profession and got information about the learning process, the session period and what is the difference between a school and a university.

After the first lecture students of Fryazino Branch MRSU proceeded interactive sites and became acquainted with the activists of the senior courses.  During this meeting they were informed about student’s council and others associations. They also had a chance to win a T-shirt with the logo of the university which became native not so long ago. Instagram increased of photos with MRSU hashtag from the photo zone. Special interest was caused by the excursion “Through space”: students being in one building could get into another. Everyone had the opportunity to attend this 360 –degree video format tour around the main building and MRSU museum.

All the first year students attended the concert based on the show “Intuition” after interactive studying of the university, acquaintance and communication.

Yuri Kartushin (Deputy Minister of Education of  the Moscow region) was the special guest of the event. He congratulated students on behalf of the Minister of Education and the Governor of the Moscow region and wished them to become the best representatives of MRSU and making a step forward and becoming better each day.

Veronika Zapalatskaya acting as a head of rector MRSU congratulated freshmen, students and all the employees.

“MRSU is a family! And family means- support! We are glad to see and set a high value on every student who has chosen MRSU. Let this Day of Knowledge become bright, unforgettable and the whole academic year fulfill with knowledge and positive emotions. Happy knowledge day!”

Veronika Zapalatskaya

(Acting as a head of rector MRSU)

In the completion of the concert there was a broadcast of the appeal to the first-year students from the graduated from MRSU. There was: Anna Shatilova (TV hostess, Soviet and Russian announcer), Vladimir Vishnevskiy (poet and actor), Alexey Miranchuk and Anton Miranchuk (Russian team football players), Andrey Sidenko (the absolute winner of the contest “Teacher of the year of Russia 2013”, Marina Zakharova (Minister of Education) among speakers

“I would like to congratulate every  first year students who has chosen MRSU. I wish you success, interesting education process, events, devoted friends and for sure enjoy your studying”

Andrey Sidenko

(The absolute winner of the contest “Teacher of the year of Russia 2013”)