The students of Baghdad University received the certificates on the 21st August 2018 in Perlovskaya Campus MRSU. They studied at the MRSU according to the programme “Russian language and culture of speech”.

The students were congratulated on successful completion of the course by Head of International cooperation department Svetlana Tonsheva, expert in methodological work of the Centre for International Education Olga Arapova, teachers of the Centre for International Education Alexander Shmelev and Olga Plotnikova.

The students are satisfied with the received knowledge and russian language practical skills. A group leader Al-Mugammi Azzam Ahmad Jumaa expressed his gratitude to the Department of International Cooperation represented by Svetlana Tonsheva and to the Centre for International Education represented by Vera Stepanenko for the organization of the programme, high level of teaching and friendly attitude.

The Iraqi students have plans to return to Russia for further education.