On July 4, 2018, was held a meeting between the Acting Rector Mrs. Zapalatska Veronica Stanislavovna and the President of the Russian-Indian Friendship Society “DESA”, Mr. Rameshvar Singh. From the side of MGOU, the meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector for Research Elena Pevtsova, Chief Advisor to the Rectorate for International Affairs Makarchenko Valery Petrovich and Deputy Division Chief of the Department for the Organization of Scientific Research and International Relations Skripeychuk Vladimir Bogdanovich.

During the meeting, Ms. Zapalatskaya VS and Mr. Rameshvar Singh have agreed to hold specific events – scientific seminars, roundtables, meetings with leading scientists of India, publications of the scientific activity results of the University in leading Indian journals included in the Scopus database, about academic exchanges, co-education of teachers for new education technologies. Mr. Rameshwar Singh confirmed its readiness and willingness to cooperate fully promote the establishment of links between MRSU and universities in India.

Pevtsova Elena Alexandrovna emphasized the guest’s attention to the issues of scientific cooperation, including participation in joint international projects, scientific internships.

Makarchenko Valery Petrovich proposed to start cooperation with the joint work of Russian language Indian teachers, emphasizing the deep traditions and high authority of MRSU in the field of teaching Russian language in Russia.

The main event of the meeting was the signing of the Protocol on Cooperation between MRSU and the Russian-Indian Friendship Society.

At the end of the meeting, the sides exchanged contacts and assurances of friendship.