Moscow is a brilliant and unique city in every respect, a place where were set significant and, sometimes, fateful history events, imbued with many legends and myths. Moscow united under its sky magnificent monuments of history and architecture, picturesque parks and various museums.

Moscow is a city in which even the metro is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is interesting to visit not only Moscow metro stations, but also to head down to the metro museum, which contains documents, photo, various techniques samples, reflecting the history of its creation and development.

Teacher of the Russian language E.V. Galeeva organized a fascinating excursion to the Moscow Metro Museum for preparatory faculty students of the PF-7 group.

The students learned about the metro construction history, looked at the schemes of old stations and metro routes, wagon models, turnstiles and machines of recent years. And at the end of the tour, each student was able to be a train driver.

The guys drove the cars through dark tunnels, braked at the stations, opened and closed the doors, sent wagons to the depot.

After the excursion to the museum students strolled through the metro station “Vystavochnaya”, admired views of the Moscow River and the Moscow International Business Center “Moscow City” from the bridge “Bagration”.