We are continuing our series of articles about MRSU international students. This article is about  a third-year student of the Faculty of Economics Amory Despinoit, who came from the French city of Chablis. At France Amory has graduated the School of Commerce in Paris.

In our University he has been studying for the fourth year, finishing the educational program “Russian for beginners”, Amory continued his studies at the Faculty of Economics. Amory has plans to enter to a Master program and continue his study in MRSU.

About MRSU Amory has heard from friends. He has got information about our university and submitted documents in MRSU without hesitation.

To the question “What do you like in MRSU?”, Amory answered: ” The friendly attitude towards students from employees of the department for international students, and professors are ready to help and  answer questions anytime.”

Amory loves Russia, the culture and people, he has plans to live and work here.

Now  Mr. Despinuoit is preparing his diploma thesis: “Project Management in Architecture”.

We wish you a successful study and good luck, Amory!