Despite difficult foreign policy circumstances, the MRSU successfully makes its contribution to the support of the positive image of Russian education and science in USA. The visit of the American professor Janis Kupersmidt to the faculty of psychology which took place on November 14, 2017 has argued that. Miss Kupersmidt took an interest in the research experience of MRSU in the sphere of work between school and family conducted by the group of educational psychologists under the leadership of the prof. Tatyana Shulga.

Doctor Janis Kupershmidt and prof. T. I. Shulga


Doctor Janis Kupershmidt is getting ready for a lecture


Telling about statistical data on mentors at the American schools

Janis Kupershmidt, long working in the University of Virginia and the University of Northern Carolina, has delivered a lecture about a possibility of the future psychologists to work as mentors. The mentor is not just a person who renders a voluntary assistance to some other person, but this is specially trained person who knows the ways to work one on one with problem children, owns technology how to increase the knowledge of children on what they can do right now in order to achieve success in the future. The children having problems with studying and behavior, smoking, doing drugs and alcohol, hooligans falling under different troubled groups need a mentor. He as a senior friend demonstrates the ways of adaptation and socialization in a society. She was engaged in a research, development and assessment of projects in the field of mentoring, social and emotional training, work with the drugs-addicted teenagers, and other psychological problems of young people. She is the first developer of the mentors’ training technology. Students-psychologists can also master five key steps in studying for those who wants to become a mentor. According to her program of the mentors’ training the mentors are being trained in many countries of the world including Russia.

Lecture is over. “See you next time!”