September 30, 2017 is the day when the visit of 32 school students and 5 teachers delegation  from India to Ivanteyevka organized by Moscow region state university within the tripartite contract on cooperation between MRSU, Ivanteyevka authorities and School named after St. Xavier located in New Delhi and Gurgaon cities started. MRSU, functioning as the regional operator of the international cooperation of the Moscow region educational institutions, assists Ivanteyevka city to develop contacts in the field of the international education, what is illustrated by the recent opening of the Chinese classes in the Ivanteyevka gymnasium No. 6 powered by the Embassy of China in Russia.

The leading role in the establishment of contacts of MRSU and Ivanteyevka with the mentioned Indian school was played by Mrs.Tatyana Perova, the employee of the MRSU Center of international education, who is an expert in the area of Russian as foreign language teaching and until recently within seven years used to work in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in New Delhi, being dealt in support of Russian language and culture in India.

Ivanteyevka and MRSU based tour to the Moscow region has become the purpose of a visit of the Indian school students and teachers. The Indian children for 8 days before they leave Russia were accommodated in the homes of hospitable Ivanteyevka residents. It is pleasant that the Russian and Indian school students, living together and also together participating in the cultural program (the excursions,        acquaintance party, etc.), already managed to become friends, thereby making the contribution to the strengthening of the Russian-Indian relations.

The visit of the Indian school students to Ivanteyevka started from the city sightseeing tour during which they visited the Church of the Smolensk Mother of God, the square with the Prelate Nicholas The Wonderworker monument, museum of local lore and library.

The Church of the Smolensk Mother of God rector archpriest Ioann Monarshek tells the Indian guests about the Church

In the square at the Saint Nikolaos of Myra summerhouse

In the Ivanteyevka museum of local lore together with the Russian school students

After the excursion the signing of the above-mentioned tripartite Cooperation agreement with the Indian party which was represented by Mr. Mokhit Sachdeva, a principal of the School named after St. Xavier, took place. The Russian party at the ceremony was represented by Mr. Alexey Savchenko, a deputy head of Ivanteyevka, Mrs. Olga Popenkova, a director of the Ivanteyevka methodical center, Mr. Alexey Yudin, a head of the MRSU International cooperation division, the directors, teachers and pupils of Ivanteyevka schools and, certainly, all Indian guests.

Signing of the tripartite cooperation agreement between MRSU, Ivanteyevka authorities and School named after St. Xavier as an Indian party.
From left to right (sitting): Mr. Mokhit Sachdeva, principal of St. Xavier School, Mr. Alexey Savchenko, deputy head of Ivanteyevka.
From left to right (standing): Mrs. Olga Popenkova, director of the Ivanteyevka methodical center, Mr. Alexey Yudin, head of the MRSU international cooperation division.

It is not an overstatement to say that the visit of the Indian school students and teachers to Ivanteyevka has become a significant event not only for the Moscow region education, but also, without exaggeration, for all our country as arrivals of big groups of the Indian school students to Russia having the educational and informative purposes are quite rare. And in this regard the MRSU does domestic international education even more rich and interesting!