Do you want to work in the advertising or PR department of a large company or media? Or maybe you want to learn how to build an image and manage a reputation? A new bachelor’s profile of the Faculty of Russian Philology “Advertising and Public Relations” has opened at Moscow Region State University!

The Faculty of Russian Philology is chosen by those who want to master the art of words, and the new profile “Advertising and Public Relations” will allow you to learn additional relevant skills. Students in this field will learn how to communicate competently with audiences and potential consumers and customers, create an image, promote company products and services, and create advertising texts and press releases. Professionals in this field will master promising careers. Graduates can work as public relations (PR) managers, media consultants and media managers for media outlets, publishing houses, advertising organizations and government agencies.

Students will be able to study the new profile on a full-time contract basis. Students will receive competencies in the field of philological education, practical rhetoric, business communications, advertising language and imageology.

This year’s admission campaign starts on 20 June!