A concert dedicated to the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War was held at the University. University students congratulated our dear veterans by singing famous songs of the war years. Young people laid flowers at the Eternal Flame as a sign of respect for the feat of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.

After that, the guys in the Immortal Regiment passed with portraits of students, employees and teachers of the university who participated in the war. The honorary guests of the concert were the veterans of the Moscow Region State University: Serafima Fedorovna Shilova, Lyudmila Viktorovna Sarycheva, Eduard Alexandrovich Arustamov, Sergey Leonidovich Greshnikov, Nikolai Ivanovich Smolensky, Vasily Vladimirovich Sukhov, Olga Nikolaevna Fillipova, Tatiana Mikhailovna Esterkina, Rimma Mikhailovna Bryzgalova, Lyudmila Vladimirovna Alekseeva, Valentin Andreevich Rusaleev, Vladimir Dmitrievich Baklanov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Simakov.

— I am very proud of our University and our Veterans. And I really want this good tradition to continue for many years. I want to wish, first of all, you, our dear, beloved Veterans, my teachers, good health. Let the bright sun shine over your heads for many years. We always take an example from you, we want to consult with you, determining the development of our University. May God grant you long life! Congratulations! — the Rector of Moscow Region State University Elena Aleksandrovna Pevtsova congratulated and thanked the veterans in her welcoming speech.