Moscow Region State University has risen from the 85th to 75th place in the Webometrics ranking. In 6 months, Moscow Region State University has grown by 10 positions at once!⠀In total, 1058 Russian universities took part in the study. The international Webometrics ranking under the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIR) compares universities according to the degree of content of their official Internet sites, the quality and uniqueness of content, and the openness of materials. To form the July 2021 issue, the researchers applied the January methodology. The rating was again built on the basis of three indicators:


Transparency – 50% – the number of external networks (subnets) from which links to the university’s web pages come. There are following sources of information: Majestic and Ahrefs.

Openness – 10% – the number of citations of the top 210 profiles (authors) of each university. The data source is Google Scholar Profiles.

Excellence – 40% – the number of university papers in the period 2015 – 2019 among the top 10% most cited in each of the 27 scientific fields. The data source is Scimago.


The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is a global indicator of the research activities of universities on the Internet. Getting into the ranking gives the university the opportunity to compare the results of its scientific work with the results of any other university in the world. The place in the rating indicates the real contribution of the university to the world scientific well-being, which entirely depends on its network activity.