Teachers from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan discussed how modern approaches to teaching students are changing. The scientific and practical conference “Actual problems of Pedagogy and Psychology: Challenges of the XXI century” was held on March 30, 2021 at the Department of Pedagogy of Moscow State University online. The event was attended by more than 220 scientists, teachers and students.

The plenary session of the online congress was opened by the management of  Moscow Region State University. The participants of the conference spoke about the challenges that modern teachers face today in the context of the digital transformation of education.

At the section “Innovative technologies in the educational process of higher education institutions and schools”, new interactive, information and communication technologies and the expansion of their application areas were discussed. The section “Problems of education and training in the digital education system” was devoted to how to improve the quality of students ‘ education, and it is directly related to the scientific and professional growth of the teacher.

The participants of the online conference agreed on scientific cooperation in the field of psychological and pedagogical disciplines, methods and technologies of their teaching. Teachers ‘ reports will be included in the collection registered in the RSCI.