On August 16-18, 2020, an international expedition “New Way” took place on the territory of Lotoshinsky and Volokolamsky districts. The team, that included MRSU students, covered 67 km along historical routes and places of military glory.

 The trip was organized by the project “Come with us” with the support of the regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society of the Volokolamsk region and the movement “Lighthouses of Friendship”. The expedition is organized to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society and the Day of the Geographer. The purpose of the event is to popularize the internal tourism of the Moscow Region and attract young people to study the history and culture of their native land. Volunteer work was also included in the expedition programme: the participants planted 15 lilac bushes and began to beautify the territory of the 28 Panfilov heroes memorial.