On the 1st of June, Moscow Region State University celebrates its 89th birthday!

On this day in 1931, at a meeting of the Presidium of the Moscow Region Executive Committee of the Soviets of Workers, Peasants and Red Army Deputies, a decision was made: to reorganize the Profintern Moscow Region Pedagogical Institute into Moscow Region Industrial and Pedagogical Institute with 3  following faculties: social-literary, physical -mathematical, and chemical – technological. An important decision was dictated by the time:  in 1932 the Moscow region switched to mandatory 7-year training, and it needed professional teaching staff. The meeting determined the number of entrants – it was 400 people!

The 1st of June was set as the solemn day of the University by the Academic Council of the University from September 26, 2019 due to the archival document confirming the date of the University foundation!