The unique collection “75 years of the Victory. By right of memory. Moscow Region State University” — is a book which brings together the memories of war and labor veterans from among the teachers and students of the Moscow Region Pedagogical Institute (now University) 1930-1940. There are historical facts about student life and the University’s work in the difficult years of the military evacuation in Malmyzh city (Kirov region) and also the post-war revival of the University life in Moscow.

One of the “exclusives” of the book is a story about the fate of the Director of the University, the Dean of the faculty of history in 1942, Alexander G. Kalyagin and the birth of his son – the famous actor Alexander A. Kalyagin, Chairman of the Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation.

The authors of the book are students and employees of the University. They have collected priceless historical information, recorded interviews with war veterans and home front workers. The collection is a continuation of the book “Winners”, published for the 70th anniversary of the Victory. It contains more than 30 short biographies and military memoirs of front-line soldiers, articles about which were published in the University newspaper “Narodny Uchitel”. Unique historical evidence was collected by Alexander V. Nelaev, who is the leading editor of the newspaper.

Denis D. Droshnev is the author of the compilation, he also continues the work of his predecessor. According to him, the unique author’s style of veterans, which is preserved in every published story, gives a very special value to the book:

“These are vivid memories of the War, of the University and its evacuation and what our Institute, its teachers and students were like in the 1940s. We have preserved the special style of each narrator, and thanks to it you can easily imagine yourself as his interlocutor, as if you are listening to the events of those distant years, ” he said.

On the 23d of April, 2020, on the world book day, the Moscow Region State University donated an electronic version of the compilation to the Victory Museum. After the opening of the new exhibition “Feat of the People”, the book will be located in the “Library” zone, and everyone will be able to see it.