From the 10th to the 28th of, 2020, Moscow Region State University hosted the V international Science Festival& During the festival MRSU scientists and their foreign colleagues built new scientific theories, exchanged scientific ideas, and created unique scientific developments.

More than 70 scientific events were held within the framework of the V International Science Festival. All the obtained scientific results will become the basis for new scientific achievements and innovations that are designed to develop the scientific potential of the Moscow region and Russia. The science festival has become a platform for fruitful scientific cooperation with scientists from India, Italy, France, Germany, Serbia, Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The scientific community of Moscow Region State University is constantly replenished with young and talented scientists. On the 21st of February, 2020, the first “Tournament of fifteen” was held in the history of the University.  There were issued 15 certificates for the participants.  For the victory in the Tournament, the team of the faculty of geography and ecology was awarded.

Representatives of the faculties

As part of the closing ceremony of the V International science festival, the best scientists of the University were awarded. Young researchers of the University who made a great contribution to the development of University and Russian science were awarded

  • Tim S. Anisiforov, senior lecturer of the Department of constitutional and municipal law;
  • Sergey A. Baykov, post-graduate student of the Department of political science and law;
  • Vera A. Galkina, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of special pedagogy and inclusive education;
  • Vladimir S. Golovachev, post-graduate student of the Department of pedagogy;
  • Lada D. Levchik, post-graduate student, clerk of the drawing Department;
  • Ekaterina A. Markova, candidate of philological Sciences, senior teacher of the Department of foreign languages;
  • Ksenia A. Potasova, candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of Russian classical literature;
  • Dmitry E. Pugachev, candidate of chemical Sciences, Junior researcher;
  • Tatyana A. Semina, assistant of the Department of theoretical and applied linguistics;
  • Alexandra A. Serdtseva, senior teacher of the Department of physical education.

Young researchers of Moscow Region State University

The University is proud of its scientists, including those who have made a huge contribution to the development of science, enriching it with new discoveries and author’s developments, showing themselves the most active participant in scientific events within the framework of the science Festival. Thanks to these scientists the University science thrives, it is respected and known far beyond the University. Scientific discoveries of MRSU scientists receive well-deserved recognition from scientific foundations, the business community, and the real sector of the Russian economy.

According to the results of research, the best young scientist was Yulia D. Kuleshova, Candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, associate Professor of the Department of higher algebra, elementary mathematics and methods of teaching mathematics at the faculty of physics and mathematics. In 2019, Yulia Dmitrievna won a Grant from the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists, candidates of science.

Awarding of Yulia D. Kuleshova


Mikhail I. Gordeev Bis recognized the best scientist of the year, Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, Head of chair of General biology and Bioecology biology Department, expert of the European regional office of the world health organization.

Awarding of Mikhail I. Gordeev

The team of the Department of Russian classical literature was recognized the best research team of the year, under the leadership of Irina Kiseleva, Doctor of Philology, Professor, head of the Department. Members of the research team were successfully working within the framework of the grant “Textual research and commenting on the autographs of Mikhail Lermontov from the “Notebook of Vladimir Fedorovich Odoevsky” “(head-Irina Kiseleva);  and the grant “Visualization of the artistic image in Russian poetry of the end of the XVIII – first third of the XIX century” (under the guidance of a young scientist Ksenia Potashova) was successfully implemented.

Award of the best scientific team

There was held a competition for the best edition of the Moscow Region State University as part of the V International Science Festival. The scientists prepared original textbooks, scientific collections, and monographs, which were evaluated by an independent expert Commission. Books were evaluated in three traditional categories, which determine the best educational publication, monograph and scientific collection. Electronic publications participated in the competition for the second year.

“Let’s learn English and make it fun” is recognized as the” Best educational publication”. The author is Alexander P. Vasilevich, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of Linguodidactics at Moscow Region State University.

Awarding of Alexander P. Vasilevich

In the “Best scientific publication” category, the winner was the monograph “Krupskaya and pedagogical epoch” by doctor of historical Sciences, Dean of the faculty of history, political science and law of Moscow Region State University Vardan E. Bagdasaryan.

Awarding of Vardan E. Bagdasaryan

In the category “Best scientific collection”, the first place is awarded to the collection based on the results of the III International scientific conference “Verbal art of the Silver age and the Russian abroad in the context of the epoch (“Smirnov readings”)”. The publication is prepared by the faculty of Russian Philology of Moscow Region State University. The editors and compilers of the collection are members of the Department of Russian literature of XX century MRSU Lubov F. Alekseeva, Vera N. Klimakov and Snezhana V. Krylova.

Awarding of Snezhana V. Krylova

Moscow Region State University is a powerful scientific and methodological center of the Moscow region and Russia, which cooperates with many important organizations of the Russian society, public authorities and management, well-known scientists, specialists- practitioners, and public figures.

Group photo