Students of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow Region  State University became prize-winners of the XXVIII International Online Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists “Lomonosov-2021”. The event took place at Moscow State University. Students could prove themselves in different directions. For example, in such sections as “Business Management in the Digital Economy”, “Business Management and Entrepreneurship”, “Journalism”, “Innovative Economics and Econometrics”,”Innovative Environmental Management”, “Foreign Languages and Regional Studies”, “Art Studies” and many others. The authors of the best reports were awarded with conference diplomas. Our students were also among the winners. The girls distinguished themselves by their research in the section “State and Municipal Administration”

The first  year postgraduate student Ekaterina Nasonova took  the second place. Ekaterina’s report was devoted to the topic “Features of  staff motivation at industrial enterprises”.
Tamara Mansirova, first  year student, took the third place. The girl presented the results of a research on the topic “Blockchain technologies in public administration: fashion or reality?”  For Tamara, this is the first scientific conference of such a high level. The girl shared her impressions:
– Our deputy dean for scientific work Mikhail Nikolayevich Lavrov, who became my scientific advisor, offered me to participate in the conference. Participation in the conference was an interesting experience, in that the preparation of a scientific research is different from the usual academic work. My topic is blockchain. Of course, we wanted to interest high level experts and the introduction of blockchain technologies into the practice of public administration is a completely new phenomenon. I didn’t expect to be a prize-winner. I hope that next year the conference will be held in face-to-face format. It will be interesting to go to Moscow State University and talk with other participants.

Our congratulations to Ekaterina and Tamara!